Green Day- I Am Punk

Before there ‘Kerplunk’ or ‘Dookie’ there was live shows that Green Day would play in tiny clubs or bars. Luckily in 1990 someone taped one of their shows and man is it awful. This one was in their home town of Berkley in 1990, four years before they blew up.
Not only were they not the headliner they weren’t even the last opener.  They opened for Mr. T Experience and The Creamers played after them.  They played for about 30 minutes or so in 12 songs. None of them great but you could hear the band coming together and maybe the start of something big, which of course it would be.

thumbnail (15)

The music is not all that great and the recording is pretty awful.  You can hear them testing out their instruments and talking to each other to start the album.  During the show they talk to the crowd, each other and fuck up a lot.  There is one recognizable song, an Operation Ivy (one of their biggest influences) cover “Knowledgeable.”  Which they fuck up a lot and let the crowd sing with them.
This bootleg vinyl was made in Spain in 2013.  It was produced in mostly black but I was able to find it in green while we were in Brussels this past year.  An awesome find for my collection, as I love to find these random bootleg vinyls.

thumbnail (14)

I got really excited to listen to this album as we are going to see a punk show tonight. I may be old for this shit but still hearing punk bands today keeps me young.  And it all turns full circle tonight as we are seeing a band called the SWMRS.  Which just happens to have a drummer named Joey Armstrong, the son of Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong. How about that?



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