Drive-by Truckers- Third Man Live

One of the coolest places on Earth for vinyl is Third Man Records. Jack White, the genius that he is, made his record label huge and playful for bands. Bands have the capability to record live at Third Man Record studios in front of a live audience. That record session is then produced on a vinyl album.  This being the first I wrote about is Drive-by Truckers.
A simple black record put into a simple black case.  There is nothing special about this record on the outside.  The coolest part of this album is what is playing on it and where it was record.  Everything about this album is that it was recorded live at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee. The sticker on the record is the only representation of where it was made and what the album is.
These Third Man Live are fun records and just a bunch of impromptu songs. There is a bunch story telling and random events, like the lead singer’s dad coming to sing with the band for a couple songs. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and enjoyable for the fans in the crowd. Gotta love that Jack White gives this opportunity to bands and fans alike to experience these shows on vinyl





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