The Doors – Waiting for the Sun

Hearing the dark and deep voice of Jim Morrison makes me wish I was born 30 years earlier.  Would of loved to have been at The Doors concert back in the 60s. Sadly he hit the age of 27 and left this world too early.  “Waiting for the Sun” is maybe not their most popular album but the only to hit #1 on the charts.
I don’t have the best copy of this album, in fact there are a few scratches and times I have to physically move the needle as it spins in place. The vinyl came out in 1968, which probably means this vinyl is close to 50 years old.  The album cover is in okay shape but has plenty of wear of tear.


The record itself has some great songs with “Hello, I Love You” kicking it off.  Another big chart topper from The Doors in their history. Jim Morrison’s voice is the shining star of this record and continues through out.


The album was supposed to be Celebration of the Lizards but never turned out. Jim Morrison and his fucked up mind couldn’t put it in words.  There are quite a few military protest songs on here as well with “Five to One” & “The Unknown Soldier.” Lot of chanting and mumbling on Side B, makes it feel like Morrison ran out of some ideas.





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