Dirty Bourbon River Show- The Most Peculiar Thing

Bridget and I love to see live music but above all we love random bands in random towns. We never got a honeymoon after our wedding but we did take a weekend trip out to the country in Charlottesville.  While we were there we randomly found a place called The Southern. We decided to venture there because there was a New Orleans band playing for pretty cheap.  They were called Dirty Bourbon River Show.
After seeing them that night we got to catch them again at The Hamilton in DC. My parents were in town and we treated them to a showing of this funky band. I bought the vinyl that night and can’t be happier with it.
This New Orleans funk and jazz band is all over the place and I love it. The lead singer comes out with flair and a cape, playing tons of instruments including an accordion.  The rest of the band goes through different instruments fluently between songs.  Track 3, “Something” is a typical jazz funk band from New Orleans with that tuba blasting through out.


The record I bought was well worth it and shows their eclectic New Orleans jazz and funk tunes. The horns are spectacular through out and change each song. The record spins at 45rpm and is in the style of the old vinyl, not the heavy 180 grams.  Hearing this music makes me miss New Orleans and random funky jazz bands at random bars.




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