The Dead Weather- Horehound

Jack White is a fucking genius.  In 2008 Jack White’s band The White Stripes ceased and desisted in making amazing music. In 2009 Jack White put together a group of amazing artists: Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, and Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs.  These artists were put together to form The Dead Weather.


This group formed by accident and jammed together on impromptu music at Third Man Records before officially becoming a band.  How lucky is that, to perform with a guy like Jack White at his own recording studio and record plant? The Dead Weather formed and never looked back to The White Stripes. Even though I am still waiting for the day Jack White and Meg White come back together.


This album spews essence of what Jack White can bring to the table. His amazing guitar playing and excellent vocals are key to this album. One of my favorites on this album is “I Cut Like a Buffalo” a song written by Jack White. Mosshart is a great singer and does a fabulous job on just about every song, such a dark and beautiful voice.  One of my other favorites is a Bob Dylan written song, “New Pony”, such a great rendition.


Jack White also shows why he is the best at making vinyl with this collection. This album is a 2 disc LP and comes with 3 sides of music. Side D may not have music on it but it looks like the cover of the album etched on it. A great picture of the band in the gatefold is included as well.  Just another masterpiece done by Jack White with this Dead Weather debut album.







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