D12- Devil’s Night

Saw this record while shopping around in San Francisco record stores recently. This album brought back a lot of memories to me. This was that dark rap that that I loved as a younger person. Heavy beats, so much cursing, every song about something stupider than the next.
Eminem put this group out with his boys from Detroit. Mostly people knew Bizarre with his lispy raps.  Plenty of these songs have Eminem on it and it sounds like another song that could be on the “Marshall Mathers LP.”


There are a few songs that stand out but nothing like “Purple Pills”.  This song was big on the MTV TRL Live show at one point. Bizarre got big after this as well, just a short period of time though. They came back with another single I love, “Fight Music.”  Never got as big as the first but was just as good in my mind.
Best part of this album is the hidden track at the end, “Girls.”  A track written by Eminem to rip on Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit. Just typing that sentence makes me feel so old that people cared about a feud between Eminem and Limp Bizkit once upon a time.



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