Childish Gambino- Camp

“Why does every black actor have to rap some? … all I know is that I’m the best one.”  This line from Childish Gambino on the track “Bonfire” might be 100% true. Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino, best known for his role on Community, is just fire on this album. I am not the biggest rap genre connoisseur but can get by and Childish Gambino is the top of his game on this album.
‘Camp’ is Childish Gambino’s debut album back in 2011.  I found this record this past week while in Brooklyn at a sweet record store Rough Trade.  A very cool record store with a place for small concerts as well. So I backtracked a bit on my alphabetical to throw this in there under the C’s.


This is the type of rap I appreciate the most, understandable words that tell a story each song with nasty beats behind it. His rap songs have meaning and each line has a punch to it. I appreciate everything he does on this record, from the ripping of cultures, race and economics.  It is a style of pop-rap that tears into everything you know on social media and TV while being unique from anything you’ve heard before.
This double disc has 4 sides of music that is just outstanding to listen to. The first 3 sides are the first 13 tracks on the “Camp” album while Side D is 4 bonus tracks.  This may not be his best album but it’s damn good.  Childish Gambino is the new style of rap that to me will always be better than a Kanye.








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