Phish- New Years Eve 1995 (special concert vinyl)

I am beyond excited to travel to NY for 2 of the Bakers Dozen shows at Madison Square Garden today.  To celebrate this I have been listening to this live album Phish put out on vinyl a few years ago.  Known as one of the greatest live shows of the 90s, much less best new years eve shows, New Years Eve 1995 Live at Madison Square Garden record is the way to get me pumped.
I was just learning of Phish in 1995 and eventually would make it to my own new years eve at Big Cypress 4 years later. However, able to buy this live show on record 20 years after made me feel very nostalgic. The 6 disc box set was a limited edition put out for record store day in 2015.  Not a usual vinyl pack since it is so big, is in an actual special box holding all 6 discs inside.  Well worth the waiting in line at 8am, even though they never sold out and I still see them for sale (still worth it).


I don’t need to talk about each side of these vinyls, each song, each verse. Each song has their own way that Phish wants to play the songs. 22 years later and each time I hear song it is the same but completely different in its own beautiful way. This album is more exciting just to hear the great music put together on amazing vinyl sound.  The sound is incredible on this 180 gram vinyl box set.
The pictures on the sleeves show how crazy this show was and how intricate Phish gets into the show other than just the music. As for the fact they are giving donuts away for each show and then have a theme show surrounding the donut flavor. (who does that?)
Each record has a great track on it from start to end. The jams are just incredible, especially a 20 minute “Mikes Song” to the bookend of “Weekapaug Groove” for 17 minutes right after “Auld Lang Syne” new years celebration.  (I said I wouldn’t talk about the songs but I couldn’t help myself.
I have been to MSG a few times in the past few years for random new years runs but never a new years eve, not since Big Cypress. Experiencing new years with Phish is something that everyone should have once in their life.  Hoping this year brings Miami to the Phish world and lets me celebrate with them again.  Until then enjoy this 27 song, 3 and a half hour live show from MSG in 1995.
















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