311- 311 (special concert vinyl)

It has been quite a long time since I’ve seen these guys.  311 was a different breed growing up.  Tonight I get to see them at a local stage, Fillmore Silver Spring. Figured no time like today to spin this record and write a little post.
311 were (and still are) hard to categorize under one genre.  They are a mix of punk, funk, rap and rock.  These mixes of genres made into a great album back in 1995.


This double disc album is 180 gram and sounds great on vinyl.  Very happy they repressed this on vinyl and released it for record store day in 2014, limited to 4000.  Was a great find while in Toronto recently and spinning all day before seeing them tonight.
So many great songs on this album, definitely their best. 311 has made a career as a great rock band after the 90s, even has a 311 cruise that leaves Miami every year. However, nothing was ever as good as this album.


Right off the bat you get their best song and most likely their most infamous, “Down”.  It keeps going with the funk type rap/rock. “Random” is one of those songs they have that features many types of genres of music.
“All Mixed Up” is another big single they had back in the 90s and still holds up.  Now there is a lot of songs on here that sound quite alike.  There really is no other band that I can compare to 311. Really there isn’t any group that has that mix of rap/rock and a little funk that is really this good.



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