Cypress Hill- Black Sunday

I own a few rap albums, about a dozen.  This is an album that speaks for my teenage years. An album that was the best rap album that my 13 year old mind knew of (other than Doggystyle).  I’ve later learned there was much better rap but nothing as fun as Cypress Hill.  B-Real was a voice you knew and recognize anywhere. Everything about this album speaks to how I grew up in the mid 90s.
Very cool sleeves for the vinyl
This reissued double LP was bout out in 2013 for record store day.  Put was pressed on the fat 180 gram vinyl that most records are put on nowadays.  From the minute the needle hits the record my 13 year old self gets excited.  You hear the sirens and beats start for “I Wanna Get High” and my brain fills with smoke.
Finishing this side with the hot single every single person in their 30s knows “Insane in the Brain.” I could probably kill at karaoke with both these songs. (Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?)


Flip it over and you get one of my favorites “Cock the Hammer.” Then it gets just crazy on Side C with B-Real killing it with “Legalize It” and my other favorite “Hits from the Bong.” I think I had the latter on repeat blasting from my thuggish Saturn in high school.  I listened to this song over and over and over until it burned in my brain.
This album may have been Cypress Hill’s biggest and final great album. B-Real really got big with Cypress Hill, doing his own thing on the side as well.  Cypress Hill made albums after but nothing will be close to Black Sunday.  My 13 year old self thanks Cypress Hill for filling his brain with this smoke.



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