CSNY- So Far

This is basically a best of album featuring some of CSNY greatest hits. The album is chuck full of hits and is maybe one of the greatest “best of” albums ever put together.
Now this band is fantastic as CSN and didn’t need another but add Neil Young. Neil Young is amazing and a hell of a song writer/folk singer and adds his genius to the songs on this album. Unfortunately he is only heard of 4 of the 11 songs on this album.
The cover art is done by Joni Mitchell, who also shows her amazing songwriting on this album.  CSNY pays tribute to Mitchell pay singing “Woodstock” an amazing song she wrote.
There is nothing wrong with this album and only right.  Side A is just beautiful music and well written songs. “Teach Your Children” is one of my favorite songs and maybe we should of listened to the words more. Jerry Garcia actually is playing steel guitar on this song. Great fact, CSNY used this song to teach Grateful Dead how to sing in harmony.  Then “Ohio”, a Neil Young written song that sounds fantastic and holds up to this day.


Flip it over and you go right into “Woodstock”, maybe the most popular CSNY song. As said before, written by Joni Mitchell and done well. “Our House”, a song written about living with Joni Mitchell.  She sure did have a lot of influence on this group. You get another great song written by Neil Young, what a voice he had back then.  Ending the album with a lot of “do do da do”s with “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”  Great way to end this “best of” album.
This album is telling a story of the 60s through out. It shows the progress CSNY made through out the years and told some great stories. Songs aren’t written this way anymore and make you appreciate a piece of the past.




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