My Morning Jacket- Circuital (SPECIAL CONCERT VINYL)

Another special concert edition vinyl blog post for tonight, My .Morning Jacket.  I would write a Gary Clark Jr, the opener, but have done that already that post here.  Listening to this record since Wednesday a few times has made my so happy and excited for tonight’s concert. They are one of the greatest live shows you will ever see, Phish included.
This deluxe double vinyl comes with some special looking album art.  An old Magic Eye Tube from vintage radios that Jim James was inspired by getting lasik (WTF!).
Other than the odd and cool album art you get some great music. It starts with “Victory Dance” which sounds like what a hero cowboy has playing behind him when he comes into town (also inspired by James getting lasik). This goes right into the title track, “Circuital”. Originally this song was meant to be a song for The Muppets (another WTF!).
As you keep going on this vinyl you get to “Wonderful” another great song on the album and heard live. “Holdin on to Black Metal” is one of my favorite songs and sounds like a chorus of kids singing along, another great song to hear live. Ending the album with “Movin Away” was the right choice and ends ‘Circuital’ perfectly. The piano on this song is beautiful and Jim James’ voice is pitch perfect.
Below you can check out the great art work on both sides of the 2 vinyl sleeves.
Everything about this band is the perfect mix of instruments and music.  They have such great mixes of starting low and huge crescendos. This vinyl might not be my favorite MMJ album (Z is coming up later) but it’s one of the best.  Seeing them tonight with Gary Clark Jr will be the highlight of 2017, as it was in 2016 as well.



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