Creedence Clearwater Revival- The 1969 singles

Hi! It’s me, Bridget.
Matt has two CCR records in his collection, one of them just so happens to be mine, that I bought during a blur of a trip to the Big Easy, during Jazz fest. #tripofalifetime
CCR is one of my go-tos for easy listening and this album demonstrates why. The ’69 Singles Record Store Day special release is loaded on the first side with jams that make you happy and that also reach deep in to your soul to make you believe John Fogerty is writing the lyrics to your life story. OK, that might be a bit extreme and maybe I had a rough day at work but “Proud Mary” still speaks to my wild soul and urge of giving up and flying down the road (or river) with the wind in my hair.
Let’s talk about John Fogerty’s voice and how it makes all of the ’69 singles cross-generational anthems. Everyone agree? Ok, since that’s settled.
10” special white vinyl
Now let’s talk about how “Born on the Bayou” is a gleaming example of the classic CCR genre – swamp rock. In most songs they waver between country rock and a more free, yet desperate-sounding swamp rock. On most of side A they hold steady with a catchy country rock sound you can’t seem to shake.
Side B opens strong with “Green River”, a swampy tune that wraps but before you’re ready to let it go. Finishing off side B highlights are “Down on the Corner”, where Fogerty’s unique voice really shines through again.
I listened to this vinyl three times to write this blog and it wasn’t because I forgot what songs were on the album, I just really enjoy CCR.



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