Creedence Clearwater Revival- Green River

Is that Big Lebowski playing on TV?  Nope, it’s CCR the soundtrack of Lebowski’s life. This California band struck gold in 1969 with this album. This their 3rd album, which came out the same year as their 2nd album, “Born on the Bayou.”  John Fogerty lead CCR to (surprisingly drug free) a badass sourthern sounding rock album, Green River.
This album starts with the title track, “Green River” and starts the nasty guitar and rock n roll presence. “Tombstone Shadow” and especially “Wrote a Song for Everyone” are 2 songs to chill and relax to. Both great hippie songs of the 60s that Fogerty did an excellent job writing.
Record Sleeve w/ CCR
Flip this flimsy 60s record over, which I love by the way, and you get the hot fire “Bad Moon Rising.”  The song I expect to be in Big Lebowski but is not.  Actually none of these songs are but man it’s hard not to think of that movie listening to this album.  Even the next song “Lodi” sounds like a lot like “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” (which is not on this album.”  He ends the album with a powerful Blues cover of “Night Time is the Right Time”.  A song that James Brown and Ray Charles have covered since.
Fogerty does an amazing job on this album with his songwriting.  He hated the long jams and was able to make his music jammy in the middle of the songs without going over 12-15 minutes. An album rated #95 of the top 500 ever by Rolling Stones, is well worth that praise. A vinyl that still plays almost 50 years always makes me smile.



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