Cream- Best of Cream

As I sit here listening to this album I hate that I wasn’t born about 20 years earlier.  To be a teenager, sitting in my room, spinning this album with large headphones over my ears had to be incredible.  There isn’t a song on this album that isn’t worth blasting, hence the “best of.”
Eric Clapton took his talents to another level with Cream. “Sunshine of your Love” and “White Room” are insanely good. They are infamously known to be maybe the best songs Clapton has performed. “White Room” is just ingenious and brings all of the 1960’s into my house through the speakers.
Zoomed in on the album back cover
Flip the record over and you get “Spoonful” and “Strange Brew.”  The exact meaning I was talking about psychedelic in ‘Disraeli Gears’ album. You finish off the album with a Rock N Roll song “I Feel Free.” An excellent mix of Clapton’s guitar and 1950’s type Rock N Roll.
Most “Best of” albums throw in a few songs you just don’t want to hear or skip over.  There is nothing Cream does wrong on this album and put only the very best. This album is falling apart but will always beautifully on my player.



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