Cream- Disraeli Gears

The sounds on this album represent what the 60s were like. Close your eyes and you will be taken back to 1967 into a world that you can only imagine (if you were too young to be around like me.) This may of been Cream’s 2nd album but the first one that made it big in the US.
This album starts with a song that reminds of any psychedelic scene from a movie with hippies in the 60s. “Strange Brew” is an excellent sound of what is close to Jefferson Airplane.  That song moves right into another song I love “Sunshine of Your Love.” Another song that is that powerful psychedelic song of the 60s.
I use that word, psychedelic, often about this record because it is the easiest way to describe it. Look at that album cover, gotta be on some LSD to make that art.


Side B continues on with those psychedelic sounds. There even is a three person harmony song that sounds close to accapella.  There are weird songs in the back and my record is so old that the pops make it sound better.
An album in the Grammy hall of fame, maybe the greatest work Clapton has ever done. Cream reached higher after this but in my opinion this was their best.



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