Gary Clark Jr- The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

The second studio album is much more R&B and smooth vibes, no complaints here. Gary Clark changed it up a bit on this record, telling more of a story. This record is a mix of blues and soul through out. Hearing that guitar during anyone of these songs is just fantastic to ears.

The vinyl is a 2 disc set with only 3 sides with music. Side A starts slow and ends big as it finishes.  Side B and C you can hear Gary Clark destroying guitar riffs. He slowed it up a bit on this record after ‘Blak and Blu’. However, the album is a great listen and fun spin.


The coolest thing about this vinyl is the etching on the back side of disc 2.  They etched a a continuing theme of this album cover onto the record.  So Side 4 has no music but just a very cool art display. It’s a very busy etching with what looks to be his bus entering Austin (where he is from) on his guitar. Lot of cool stuff going on here as you can see below.





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