Gary Clark Jr- Blak and Blu

This album is fire, just pure fire.  I never got to see Jimi Hendrix but if I had to compare and imagine someone like him, Gary Clark Jr would be the one. His guitar playing is better than anyone I have ever heard. Not only is it great on this record but amazing live.  I got to see him at the 930 club destroying the guitar and again with Phil Lesh and Friends for a few songs at Lockn. Looking forward to seeing him soon with My Morning Jacket as well.

This album is outstanding from start to end. This album is blues mixed with Rock N Roll. At times he sounds like Jimi Hendrix and then like Chuck Berry.  Then he mixes it up with a little R&B sounds.  I would dare say, and probably way too early, this is a top 5 album I own.


Side A has the title track “Blak and Blue” which runs into my favorite song, “Bright Lights.” The second disc is much more bluesy and R&B with songs like “Please Come Home” (which won an R&B grammy).  Every song has a small to an extended guitar solo which were blasted on my speakers.

This vinyl was a special edition obtained on Record Store Day in 2012. Limited to 2000 produced in black and blue color vinyls. I was happy to buy this version and own this Gary Clark Jr that will be bigger and more infamous in the future.



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