Eric Clapton- Journeyman

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Clapton destroy the guitar a few times live. I have heard his big hits and his electric guitar jams. This album speaks to none of that. This is the late 1980s Clapton when he was going through some drug issues. This album is very 80s and just not, in my opinion, his best work.

I look up this album and see it won a Grammy, hit the top of the Billboard charts and even Clapton thinks this is his best record, so what do I know. The album is very bluesy and has lots of electric guitar riffs. Clapton uses songs by huge names on this album as well like Ray Charles and George Harrison.

Sexy 80s style on the back of the record

The album plays well still and hasn’t aged badly over the years.  This is not my only Clapton solo album and I look forward to the next one.  However as we move on in the Cs of my vinyl, Cream is coming up and that is my favorite Clapton



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