Eric Clapton- At His Best

Now you want great, fantastic, the best? Pick up “At His Best” by Eric Clapton and you will learn what a great musician and guitarist is. Clapton is underrated as a studio album musician and these songs prove that.

This 4 disc set is a monster collection of Clapton’s work before 1972. Songs from Clapton being a solo artist and bands before Cream, like Derek and the Dominos. Side A have songs like “I Looked Away” & “Let it Rain” which are very Beatlesesq.

You get to Side B and you hear the song we all know and love Clapton for (at least before starting Cream) “Layla.”  Two dirty guitar blues songs right after that with “Blues Power” & “Bell Bottom Blues”.


Side C kicks off with another fantastic song, “Midnight Rider.” Continuing with a great rendition of a Jimi Hendrix song, “Little Wing.”  The next side continues the same with dirty guitar riffs and Allman Brother like jams. Clapton powers through this album as all his big hits before ’72 are displayed on this vinyl.



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