Circles Around the Sun- Interludes for the Dead

I didn’t have the privilege to go to Fare Thee Well in 2015.  Not only did fans get to see Trey Anastasio lead the Grateful Dead (and eventually was allowed to sing), they were treated to amazing intermission music. Between sets Neal Casal, a great musician in his own right with Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Hardworking Americans, formed a band to record 5 hours of music to play for fans. Set breaks were long but hearing Circles Around the Sun was highly enjoyed by all that went.

Later that year, Circles Around the Sun put out this album to share with the world what was played during Fare Thee Well. This vinyl is a 2 disc set and only has 5 songs on it. All of the music is instrumental and very chill.  Each song is one long jam with heady vibes. The music is outstanding and quite relaxing to listen to.

Such a sexy gatefold on this record

As I said it is only 5 songs total, every side but Side B has only 1 song on it. But don’t worry, each song is about 20 minutes long. Heavy and spacey jams through out. Listening to these funky jams on this limited edition vinyl is the only way to go.

Fare Thee Well was a once in a lifetime experience that unfortunately I didn’t get to have. I’ve listened to that show quite a few times and can’t believe I missed going. Fortunately I was able to buy a piece of that show with this Circles Around the Sun vinyl.





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