Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

I own this record for one reason, Phish.  They performed this album for their Halloween show in 2014 in Vegas. That set is bonkers and just unbelievable.  One thing about this record that I enjoy is all the background sounds and “spooky” effects, which is basically all it is. It reminds me of the Haunted House “ride” at Disney World I used to love to go on.

There is one thing about this record that really does suck, I can’t play this in my house. Something about the voices, animals and sounds make the dogs go CRAZY. They are scared of the sounds and either hide or curl up in a corner. So the album has not been played since the first time I got it.

Phish did an amazing job adding jams to just sound effects. “Your Pet Cat”, “Martian Monsters” and “The Dogs” are just some of my favorite songs they made amazing from simple sound effects on this record.

The album I own is very old and from the 70s, in pretty bad shape. Having this vinyl is nice to have but knowing I can never play it with the dogs home is disappointing.  I try to spin it every Halloween but just a few songs in and the dogs are freaking out. So instead I stream the Phish show from 2014 in Vegas and enjoy long jams of spooky sounds.



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