Built to Spill- Live

I have a good friend that makes recommendation of music and bands I would enjoy. This might be one of the best artist albums he has ever recommended.  There is something about this record that is just great to listen to loudly.
This vinyl is four sides of beautiful guitar playing and amazing music.  There isn’t much about Built to Spill that I have heard before this album but if this what represents them of a live show, then count me in.


I don’t need to go over each song and explain why but each side is chuck full of hits.  If you listened to anything on this album listen to Side B.  It is just a nasty 20 minute version of ‘Cortez the Killer’ a sick cover of the Neil Young song. Side D is a 19 minute original song that this band just jams out on.
These songs are all live recorded while on their tour in 1999.  This is one group I have never been able to see live and would loved have known about them back in ’99. I like to power up my amp and put this one on like I am seeing them in my living room. The sounds from this vinyl are good enough to be in the 930 club.



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