Jimmy Buffett- Son of a Sailor

Jimmy Buffet’s Son of a Sailor is an oldie, I didn’t actually realize when it was recorded until I sat down to write this post (39 years ago for those who are curious). A love of Jimmy’s Buffett was passed down to me from my parents.

Buffett’s Son of a Sailor is a shining example of why people romanticize his songs, lyrics, and lifestyle. This album listens like a travel diary that you catch yourself humming along to.

Such a sexy gatefold

Son of a Sailor starts strong with Son of a Son of a Sailor, a tale known to man since the beginning of time, the never-ending search for adventure. Before you know it, the album picks up with Cheeseburger in Paradise. This is a catchy song that anyone who has spent some time abroad can easily relate to. Not to spoil it for you all, but it’s not really about a cheeseburger but feeling homesick for familiar friends (OK it might also being about craving beef, been there too L ).


Even though my favorite Buffett songs aren’t on this album, Mañana definitely tops my list, it has all the feels of a love song.

The last song of the album, African Friend, is worth a listen to for a second time. It follows a great adventure with a new friend in a foreign land, the best type of adventure for a son of a sailor.



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