Jackson Browne- For Everyman

This album was very chill to listen to over the weekend. The sun was out blazing while we did work around the house.  Coming inside to the A/C and some Jackson Browne chill vinyl was the perfect relaxation music needed.

The album has a ton of guests, for 1973 are just unreal.  David Crosby, Elton John, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Joni Mitchell. Couldn’t imagine being in that studio each day with one of these giants playing with Jackson Browne.


Side A is mostly chill and relaxing, like I’m sipping a fruity drink at a beach bar in a quite secluded area This album starts off with a bang, “Take it Easy.”  Not one person shouldn’t know of this song. Side B picks up a little more rock n roll, especially with the first track “Redneck Friend.” The rest of the album feeds off this easy loving attitude.

Jackson Browne has been around forever and from what I can tell so has this album. After track 4 I have to physically move the needle because it doesn’t pick up to next track. The crack and pops are so beautiful to hear on this old record.









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