Blink-182- Dude Ranch

This was when punk got pop but man did I love it. I remember listening to this on the way to school, on the way home while skipping 4th period and lunch,  & on the way back home after school too.  Those were the days when I drove, not stuck in a car with the Fines listening to Jars of Clay.  Blink-182 was just getting started with thier  1st album “Cheshire Cat” In 1997 “Dude Ranch came out and they BLEW UP! (most people think they sold out, which they probably did but it worked.)
Sweet gatefold
I got to see these guys many times, including at Warped Tour.  Watching bands like Blink-182 perform around guys like NOFX, Bad Religion and Rancid is just too much to handle nowadays. I also got to watch a guy we’ll call Scotty B have fun with a guy we’ll call, Cheeks.  Now Cheeks got some patches, probably of lame bands, but nonetheless patches he bought to be cool and put on his backpack.  Scotty B borrowed said patches and proceeded to put them down the front of his pants, politely giving them back to Cheeks. Cheeks was forever messed with about his “Paaaaaaaaaatches.”



Back to the album, another sweet find while at Amoeba in San Francisco this past week. This vinyl is a shiny red, as you can see below, limited edition repressed in 2016.  The album is full of hits but there is one that everyone knows, ‘Dammit.”  That song plays in my car, house, phone and the only thing I think of is the patches with Cheeks. I know every word and would put it on my top 5 songs of all time.


Everything about this album speaks about 90s punk and where it lead to. It was quite poppy and even made the TRL live countdown with Carson Daly. Man, I used to love watching that show.  Come home and make some bagel bites, put on TRL countdown on when MTV was less crappy. Sadly Blink-182 is just a mess now with Travis Barker scared to fly, understandably, and Tom DeLonge gone. Hearing this album spin will always bring back the good times of Warped Tour and punk.

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