Marco Benevento- The Story of Fred Short

I got to see this guy perform with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (JRAD) this past year, which was nothing short of amazing.  Hearing those guys put out Dead cover songs was an amazing experience in person.  In just 1 week after I got to see what Marco Benevento could do on his own opening for Claypool Delirium, just spectacular!

This album speaks to everything he is good at and more. This album shows his masterpiece in the modified electronic toys he uses to make music. ‘The Story of Fred Short’ is his most recent album, coming out in 2016. The first side is a bit more poppy than Side B which has plenty of dance and funk in it


This album doesn’t disappoint but can’t speak to how great he is live. He puts on an amazing show and can play so many roles.  He is an amazing keyboardist and composes all his songs, which is heard loudly on this album.  This was a great find while out in San Francisco at an old classic record store, Amoeba.





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