The Bouncing Souls- The Bouncing Souls

I grew up in the 90s when punk turned into the Warped Tour. While in high school this album came out and I became a huge fan.  Bouncing Souls was that hardcore punk that sounded like what the houligans in England would love but from Jersey.

This is one mosh pit song after another. ‘Say Anything’ and ‘Kate is Great’ starts a any good circle pit any day of the week.  Ending Side A with ‘The Toilet Song’ is one simple 1:23 minute long song to mosh to. I mean, who’s going to throw the toilet?  How punk is that?

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Side B is chuck full of fast punk songs that I love. ‘East Coast Fuck You’ is the true meaning of a punk song saying fuck you to the world. I can remember moshing at Warped Tour to songs like this.

This album may seem a mix of unfinished songs, very anti-climatic.  That’s because it is, all short punk hits. This album makes me miss Warped Tours when it was really punk. NOFX, Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, and of course Bouncing Souls. This vinyl is a great example of what punk




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