The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

I love TV, I love animation on TV like Family Guy, American Dad and of course Bob’s Burgers, and I love singing during random spots. This 3 disc vinyl of Bob’s Burgers is the perfect mix of all these. Bob’s happy but crazy family and their antics in an unnamed seaside town have me cracking up every episode. With his nutty and maybe alcoholic wife Linda, his crazy in all different way kids: Gene, Tina and Louise. There are so many side characters (like Kevin Kline, Aziz Ansari, Megan Mullaly) that appear on the songs along with guest stars (Chris Parnell, St Vincent, or Carly Simon).
Basically the songs are about what’s going on in the current episodes.  Most episodes have at least 1 song if not more included during the show, which are creative and entertaining. So you could get a clue of the show as it plays, completely goofy.  It starts with the theme song, which is quite catchy.  Then it enters into a world of Bob’s Burgers that I highly enjoy on this vinyl. The songs are in chronological order of the episodes and only get better.


You get songs like “Taffy Butt” which is by Cindy Lauper and from an episode loosely based off The Goonies. Megan Mullally has a few songs with her screechy voice as the cooky Aunt. Who doesn’t love a 30 second song called “The Diarrhea Song”? A song called “Sneaky Pete” while all the kids and cast dance with vibrators is just fantastic.  And of course the great “Fart Song” by Gene, the farts set you free.
So many other songs they mock original songs with fantastic creativity.  I mean there is a whole mock ‘Die Hard vs Working Girl’ skit on this in musical form, how could you not love that. They call it “Work Hard or Die Trying Girl” which is a great school skit with the kids. A boy band, Boyz 4 Now, do a couple hilarious attempts at being One Direction or Backstreet Boys.
Awesome 3 sided gatefold with the view of the unnamed seaside town
This vinyl came as a 3 disc set with 6 sides total, over 100 songs with a bunch under 1 minute.  The sleeves for each vinyl is even burger color coded with yellow (mustard), red (ketchup) and green (pickles). The 3 sided gatefold opens up to the city view of this seaside town, never named where.  Even came with a 7” white vinyl of St Vincent and The National doing some Bob’s Burgers songs.
Ketchup, mustard and pickles for vinyl sleeves
I know, I know this vinyl makes me extra dorky. I mean not only a vinyl collector but I own the musical sounds of an animated show on TV. This is a special bonus I found and love it. And maybe you have to actually watch this show to get it. This show is a classic in its humor and musical pieces through out.  The vinyl is just a collection that I treated myself to and highly enjoy.  I mean there is a whole song about Bourbon called ‘The Spirits of Christmas’ where Kevin Kline basically sings “Oh bourbon” the whole time.

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