Blues Brothers- Briefcase Full of Blues

You want some soul? You want some blues? You want some Elwood and Jake Blues? Then put this vinyl on and enjoy the tunes. The Blues Brothers are THE greatest thing to come out of SNL, period. John Belushi (Jake) & Dan Akroyd (Elwood) create some magical notes with this album.  The only REAL Blues Brothers.
An album that was recorded live as they opened for Steve Martin in 1978. Their debut album, The Blues Brothers come out strong with this one. They come out to the great Otis Redding song ‘I Can’t Turn You Loose.’ You can feel the heat and energy in this record as they continue with ‘Hey Bartender’.  It continues strong with the blues you can’t not love.


So what if many of these songs are covers, hearing Belushi and Akroyd, sorry, I mean Jake and Elwood sing out these renditions are magical in their own right. ‘Soul Man’ is no Isaac Hayes on this record but they make it their own. Ending again with the Otis Redding opener you heard to start.
There is nothing more bluesy and rock that makes you wanna get up and dance. The Blues Brothers did it right and looked the part.  This vinyl is in great shape and will be for another generation to appreciate the blues.

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