Black Sabbath- Paranoid

There is no other way to listen to his album then to turn your volume to max. This album is the way hard metal was meant to be played and heard. Ozzy (who you can still understand) with that distinct voice. The vinyl I own is old as hell and looks to be from 1970, when the album came.  Probably been in so many hands by now, staying in mine forever.

Signature riffs to start with ‘War Pigs’.  Hearing that that guitar you just know what you are going to get, with Ozzy coming in to destroy the lyrics. Right into ‘Paranoid’ (title track) to get you rockin’ still. They flute it up with ‘Planet Caravan’ into the track every little boy knows ‘Iron Man’. Sabbath was the original ‘Iron Man’ then it was Robert Downey Jr.

sexy Ozzy gatefold

As I said my vinyl is old as hell, the artwork is fading with slight tears all over. The vinyl had to be cleaned a few times to get rid of some skipping.  The crinkles and pops through out the spinning just makes it sound so good.  This “satanic” album, as some liked to call it, is just as good as ever and pops on my speakers.

Over on the other side you get some of the magical work Ozzy did while in Black Sabbath. This was early Sabbath too, right in the midst of Ozzy’s massive drug use.  To think this was made 47 years ago and Ozzy is STILL alive! This album is the essence of what hard metal was in the 70s and how it had just started.




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