The Black Keys- El Camino

This album is full of singles and radio hits, which there is nothing wrong with. I call this album glam rock, reminds me of that 70s rock with funky artists (David Bowie or Alice Cooper). I wouldn’t say this is my favorite album but it’s full of big hits and every song is entertaining after the next.

It starts off with ‘Lonely Boy’ a big radio hit and their lead single. Followed by my favorite song in this album ‘Dead and Gone’. Into another big radio hit and single, ‘Gold on the Ceiling’. If you don’t recognize or love this song you are living under a rock. ¬†And you slam right into another big single ‘Little Black Submarine’ which I can’t help feeling that Beatles vibe.



Side B is just a continuing of hits and the sounds of 2 brothers that know what they are doing together. This album lead The Black Keys to headline arenas and sold out MSG in just 15 minutes. The guitar riffs and songwriting on this album is second to none and could be spun over and over.



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