The Black Keys- Turn Blue

Ravi back again in The BigJoo Groove! Today we’ll be talking about The Black Keys’ lastest studio album “Turn Blue”.

First off, I dig the 60’s psychedelic artwork – the blue & pink spirals on the cover and the label are hypnotic – and when the record spins – it creates an effect that is just trippy. Trippy Dude. Watch out!
It kicks off w/ “The Weight Of Love” which in my opinion, is one of the band’s greatest tunes – a 7 minute jam that finds Dan Auerbach soloing like David Gilmore. This song is so killer, the band used to open up their encores on the Turn Blue tour. Big thumbs up.
What I love most about any Black Keys record, and especially this one, is that sounds AWESOME on vinyl. You know these guys care about creating interesting and old school sounds, and that really comes through on the recording. No compression here. Authentic rock n’ roll. You can feel every bass note, every organ, and every wail within the (bigjoo) groove.
Other stand-out tracks are Fever (radio single), the title track, and Bullet In the Brain, another Floyd-y monster. But it would be a dis-service to suggest that you listen to this  album out or order. Front To Back there is a flow, a plan, and a feeling.
Speaking of THE FEELING -this album is pure melancholy. Is it a breakup album? Is it about the dissolution of a marriage? A partnership? Are you feeling blue? Is this a reference to Miles Davis’s Blue Period? Regardless your take, this album is great company for an evening home with the lighting set low and your mind a little mellow.
-Dave Ravikoff

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