The Black Keys- The Big Come Up

The little unknown album by this massive duo band of The Black Keys is one of my favorites. I lean this to be their most genuine and honest album they have. Their debut album that was made in a basement in Ohio over 15 years ago.

The album starts off bluesy and a cover of a R.L. Burnside’s “Busted.”  The first side is just so pure and sounds great on vinyl. These brothers started out on this album with such big sounds and amazing guitar riffs.  This side ends with “She Said, She Said”, a beautiful Beatles song that these guys give a great rendition of.


Side B continues with amazing sounds and dirty jams. As I said before it was recorded in a basement but on an 8-track recorder.  Gives this sound a grainy and like a blues album back in the day.  Not only are their own songs amazing on this side, a cover of The Stooges “No Fun.”

Patrick Carney put out a thank you just a few days ago celebrating this album on Facebook.  Here he is describing how they came from nothing to something with this album.



The vinyl gives it that pure sound and keeps that original recording, which is the best thing about vinyl. You hear the pops, gravely sounds and exactly what was going on in that basement with these brothers.



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