The Big Lebowski

So the greatest movie of all time had one of the best soundtracks ever too.  This movie was not just good to watch but was great to listen to as well.  Many times in this movie there were sounds and music that made a scene.  I mean every time I hear “Hotel California” I think of The Jesus. This is a special vinyl as well, put out on Record Store Day for Black Friday in 2014.  Only 2300 of this limited edition special White Russian color vinyl were made and never produced again.  Not just white but White Russian vinyl, gotta love it.
20170510_203726.jpgBob Dylan’s “The Man in Me” is a great way to have the movie open with you thinking this is a bowling movie, but it’s so much more. Such a dreamy song and you can even understand Dylan here. Then some Captain Beefheart into Elvis Costello, great songwriters and singers.
Hearing this odd song by YMA Sumac is fun to listen to and remember seeing naked chicks on a trampoline at Jackie Treehorn’s. Then another odd one of Piero Piccioni that reminds me of porn that Dude watched with Maude. There is so much on this soundtrack that brings me back to the movie. Nina Simone singing “I Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good” while Dude gets a White Russian and Maude is “making a child.”



You flip to Side B and you can basically keep watching this movie with your eyes closed and listening to amazing music.  The Dude has a trippy dream while Kenny Rogers “Just Dropped in” plays in the back.  An couple odd songs not in the movie, but make total sense on this album. Like a song by Meredith Monk called “Walking Song” which sounds like a bunch of breathing, not in the movie but makes sense for the soundtrack. The scene with Jackie Treehorn and Dude meeting while Jackie takes a call has a great song by Henry Mancini called “Lujon.”
The infamous line, “I hate the fuckin Eagles, man!” by the Dude leads to this fantastic version of “Hotel California” by Gypsy Kings.  This song is the introduction into maybe the best character of any movie, the Jesus (“8 year olds Dude.”)
Ending the album is Townes Van Zandt “Dead Flowers” (a Rolling Stones cover) which is where we see Donnie’s ashes (“Shut the Fuck up Donnie) spread “into the ocean” and the Cowboy leads us out.
This soundtrack is a cult classic in its own right without the movie playing. There is one thing missing from this soundtrack that disappoints me, no CCR. They use so much CCR in the movie they just don’t in the soundtrack.  Such a fantastic movie and soundtrack to go with it, I just love having this limited edition in my vinyl collection.



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