Beck- Odelay

An album anyone my age should recognize quickly is this one, Beck’s “Odelay.”  In my opinion, his best album. I found this vinyl a few years back at a great local record store in Fairfax VA, Mobius Records.  I was able to find this album that is originally from the 90s and not repressed over the past few years.  To me this is a great find and a nice piece to my collection.

The album art is pretty sweet too. Love the big fluffy dog doing hurdles on the front.  Also, love the play on Orale!, with the album Odelay.  The back is just trippy shit I would love to stare at for a while.


‘Devil’s Haircut’ is the best song he has on this album and probably the most popular. ‘Hotwax’ and ‘The New Pollution’ are also great songs on Side A.

Continuing on the other side is the other popular hit ‘Where It’s At’.  Now everyone has “I got two turntables and a microphone” in their head.  A fun song that holds up to this day. The rest of this side is just funky sampling that Beck is famous for.

Maybe Beck sold out a bit for this record but I can’t blame him.  This album is definitely his best and just great from start to end.




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