Beck- Mellow Gold

Beck’s first masterpiece, his debut 1994 studio album “Mellow Gold.”  I have this vinyl on a 2014 unofficial release by Geffen records.  A fancy yellow/gold color vinyl at that, always makes it more special to me.


Side A opens up with what most likely is the greatest song ever, ‘Loser.’  If you were alive in the 90s you know all the words and still sing along when on the radio.  Most of the songs on this side are funky to say the least.  An excellent piece of sampling and jamming for Beck.


Side B is just crazy trippy and Beck just playing around.  This album is very psychedelic and wouldn’t call it popular to the masses at all. “Odelay” (which is the next album in my list) may be Beck’s most popular but this album is the trippiest and most fun.  I mean this side has a song called ‘Motherfucker’, how could not you not love it.

This old documentary on Mellow Gold was found on Youtube.  Explains a lot:



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