The Beatles Concerto

My final “Beatles” vinyl is not actually The Beatles.  This is what you would call a cover album but classical style.  This album was conducted and composed by John Rutter, famous in England.  An album I found for about 50 cents, well worth the investment.
I do enjoy listening and relaxing to classical music once in a while.  Why not add The Beatles music to this.  This album was performed with 2 pianists and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
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With beautiful renditions of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ & ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ on Side A you are lulled into a relaxing stage.  You just want to hum and sing with the orchestra on the vinyl
Side B comes with ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ & ‘Here Comes the Sun’ you continue to hear The Beatles tunes with an orchestra.  You may not hear the vocals of McCartney and Lennon but you don’t miss it. Hearing this concerto is beautiful and makes me want more.

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