Beatles- Hey Jude

Next in my Beatle catalog comes maybe one their best with just hit after hit.  “Hey Jude” which was originally called “The Beatles Again.”  However, they changed the name too late and it was still printed on the LPs that came out.


To start on Side A you have the classic tune of “Can’t Buy Me Love.”  Followed up on this side you have underrated songs like “Paperback Writer” and “Lady Madonna.


On Side B you have one of the greatest Beatles songs ever made with the track title, “Hey Jude.”  I would fight anyone that told me this wasn’t one of the greatest songs ever made. Followed up by an odd George Harrison sung, “Old Brown Shoe.”  Finally on Side B are 2 songs Lennon wrote for Ono, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”
“Hey Jude” might be one of the biggest classic Beatles album ever made.  Nothing beats an original record from this time of age, still plays magically

One thought on “Beatles- Hey Jude

  1. Too bad all my Beatles albums were stolen when our stuff was in storage when we moved to Charlestown…had all the originals including the white album


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