The Beatles- Revolver

We’re now moving away from the punk albums into some of the greatest music ever made.  We start with  The Beatles “Revolver” album.  The sounds and music in this album show how great the drugs were in 1966.

I do enjoy getting new records; however, when it comes to classic rock vinyl like The Beatles I want that used, old record from the past. Who knows where this has played over the past 50 years, in how many record players. Nothing sounds better than the original grooves being played and that popping of a record.

Side A is full of wonders and experimentation The Beatles had on this record. An awesome string ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and a funk Indian ‘Love You To’ start it off. With the funky sounds in ‘Yellow Submarine’, like the bells and whistles in the background just shows all the drugs and psychedelics they were enjoying during this album.


Side B doesn’t disappoint either, with some great singing by Lennon.  An underrated song that just is lovely to listen to is ‘And Your Bird Can Sing.’  One of my favorites on this album is “Got to Get You into My Life’.  Just fantastic guitar playing by McCartney on this song. Side B ending with ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, a classic Beatles song that ends of Revolver perfectly with such trippy and funky sounds.




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