Bad Religion- 30 Years Live

This album brings all the greatness of the past 30 years of Bad Religion together.  Released in 2016, it was all recorded on their 30th anniversary tour in 2010.  During this tour they did 30 song sets each night, not one set the same as the previous.


Side A kicks off with songs off their best albums like ‘Suffer’ and ‘Walk’, from “Suffer” and “The Gray Race” albums respectively.  Both sides have great banter from the band talking about the past 30 years and each song.

Side B starts with ‘Flat Earth Society’, a great song from “Against the Grain” album. The album ends with a few of my favorite songs as well, first with ‘Los Angles is Burning’. Last though is one of their first songs ever put out, in 1982, ‘We’re Only Gonna Die.’  30 years later you can still hear them kill and I got to in 2013 (as you can see below).

Bad Religion at 9:30 club in 2013.  



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