Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stick With This (SPECIAL CONCERT VINYL)

I thought I would interrupt the B’s and Bad Religion with a special concert vinyl.  Tonight I am going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers with friends at the Verizon Center.  Last time I saw them was at Woodstock `99.  Figured what a better time to throw on this bootleg live vinyl I own.

This live bootleg is ‘Stick With This’ and happens to be at Woodstock Festival `94. Obviously hearing RHCP live is the best way to hear them but this Woodstock`94 show is nothing compared to the Woodstock `99 show I was at.  Watching a RHCP play Hendrix’s ‘Fire’ while the people are actually burning things down.  People started rioting and started a glow stick war.  No other concert has lived up to this experience and probably never will.

This album is just full of sick live songs as well.  With ‘Give it Away’ into ‘Suck My Kiss’ followed by a funky as hell ‘Warped’ on side A. Side B is not empty as it has one of my favorite RHCP songs ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ followed by the infamous ‘Under the Bridge’ and ending with ‘Power of Equality’.


At this show in `94 they came out as giant light bulbs. In `99 Flea came out butt naked. I don’t know what to expect, as it has been 18 years since I last saw them.  The funk is incredible in this album as was it in 99.  Knowing RHCP I expect something big and extravagant with an amazing light show and funky tunes.



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