Bad Religion- No Substance

The first time I saw Bad Religion was the 1998 Warped Tour.  Not realizing this was the same year they put out this album. This followed their best albums, Grey Race Stranger Than Fiction (sadly I have neither.) However, seeing them at Warped Tour was amazing and filled with great hits.

I last saw them at 9:30club in 2013, almost 15 years after 1st time and they were still awesome to see.  Even though Bridget and her friend Joani tried to get me in a fight with some dude in front of us.  I was ready to go but instead we went over to Ben’s Chili Bowl for 1AM chili half smokes (a better choice).


This album cover has Kristen Johnson, famously from 3rd Rock from the Sun.  The number on the front used to connect you to ConAgra Foods.  The vinyl is another colored one, crystal pink this time.  (Not as cool as the pink NOFX I have though.)


The album isn’t their best but has a few great songs on Side A like ‘Hear it”, ‘Raise your Voice’ & one of my favorites, ‘The Biggest Killer in American History.’  Side B has the big song “The State of the End of the Millennium Address’, which can speak a lot to present day.



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