Bad Brains- Bad Brains

Chuck Brown might be the king of Go-Go in DC but to me he isn’t the king of DC music. Bad Brains and more infamously, H.R., were the kings of punk in DC. DC’s punk scene is infamous, just ask Mark Anderson on one of his famous punk tours.  We went on one a few years ago and I am pretty sure he is still going.

However, thanks to Mark Anderson I learned about Positive Force DC and more about what the DC punk scene was like in the 80’s. H.R. brought a group of black men to become the hardest of punk mixed with reggae tones with Bad Brains.


Bad Brains is most known for track 12 “Paid to Cum” which is a hardcore punk song you can mosh to anytime.  I also love track 9 “Fearless Vampire Killers.”  This album has great chill reggae tunes like track 6 “Jah Calling”, track 8 “Leaving Babylon” and track 13 “I Luv I Jah”.   You can hear where bands like Sublime and 311 got their influence.




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