Trey Anastasio- Paper Wheels

My final Trey album I own is Paper Wheels.  It’s his latest album, where the actual album cover is my favorite part of this collection. The album design by Matt Taylor was so cool it was nominated for a grammy.  The music was not grammy worthy but a good listen nonetheless.


There are a few great songs on this album, like track 3 “In Rounds” which has a fun chorus chants of “Skinny little legs/Skinny little legs. Heads removed/Heads removed.” Also I love “Paper Wheels” where Trey has Jennifer Hartswick cursing in French in the background.

This album was overshadowed by Phish’s Big Boat, which came out not that far after. Even so this is not Trey’s best album but you can hear him continue to mature and change through years.


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