Trey Anastasio- Traveler

I forget how great this vinyl is.  A beautiful see through orange vinyl at that. Not only is it a great vinyl to watch spin but the music is fantastic.


I’ve seen Trey play 3 times now, once with the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center (which was a very cool experience). Each time is just as fun at the last.  So I’ve seen many of these songs live with Trey, even some with Phish. This album is full of great hits- ‘Corona’, ‘Pigtail’ & ‘Architect.’ (All beautiful songs on vinyl but not so much live).  Even ‘Let Me Lie’, which is from Phish’s Party Time album, sounds great.

The B side has a song I hate by the original band but Trey sparks it with fire on this cover- ‘Clint Eastwood’ by Gorillaz.  Maybe I just don’t get how an all animation band could be any good.

Trey at The Fillmore in Silver Spring 2012 (courtesy of me)

As Dave Ravikoff says, I am Trey’s #1 fan.  I don’t know about all that but I am fan of Trey and enjoy his solo stuff. Give me a Phish album/live show any day of the week; however, you throw me a Trey show and I am sold.  Hell I spun this album twice today just to hear Trey tear it up again.



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