The Allman Brothers Band- At Fillmore East

I saved the best Allman Brothers album for last.  This album represents the true sounds and colors of the Allman Brothers.  From the start of ‘Statesboro Blues’ into a 1 track vinyl side of a 19 minute rendition of ‘You Don’t Love Me.’ Ending with back to back monsters of ‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ and a 22 minute ‘Whipping Post.’
I got to see these guys live in 1997 and maybe it was 20 years too late but it was a hell of a show. The show was complete luck and coincidence. I just happened to be in Denver, just happened to be with friends of family who wanted to go to Red Rocks, and The Allman Brothers band just happened to be playing.


Seeing the Allman Brothers, much less any band, at Red Rocks was a bucket list item crossed off early in my life.  I have yet to go to another venue with such amazing sounds and views.
At Fillmore East brings up all those memories of what I got to see at 16 years old. I will never forget that show and amazing music I heard that night, maybe not so much Sister Hazel opening.  This is the best $1 (as you can see by cover) I’ve ever spent on a vinyl. 

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