The Allman Brothers Band- Eat A Peach

My vinyl is not in great shape but it makes me love it more. This record has been in different hands through out the years and finally ended up in mine.  Nothing more beautiful than a heavily worn album in your collection.

‘Melissa’, which is my favorite Allman Brothers song, ends off side one.  Only a few minutes long but if you find an extended version of this song, you’ll thank me.

Such a trippy gatefold

Then you get to side 2, a 20 minute long ‘Mountain Jam’. (Taped live at Filmore East, which is my favorite Allman Brothers live album- coming soon.) Which at first you think gets cutoff at the end, but NO! It is continued on side 4 for another 15 minutes!  That’s a 34 minute jam on 2 sides of this album.  So much drums, so much guitar, and zero vocals.  Just beautiful jams with the whole band, Duane Allman included.  This a song that Grateful Dead has also covered over the years.

This album just blows my mind and probably would be on a top 10 list of all time greatest albums.  Sadly most of it was made after Duane Allman tragically died. This 2 disc/4 sided vinyl is just nasty jam after jam.


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