The Allman Brothers Band- Brothers and Sisters

This is the first of 5 Allman Brothers albums I own. I also think this is their best true studio album they have.  The cover feature Butch Trucks’ (RIP) son and the back has Berry Oakley’s (RIP) daughter.

Brothers and Sisters was made a few years (1973) after Duane Allman died (1971).  It also is the last sounds of their first bassist Berry Oakley.  Who crashed his motorcycle 3 blocks from where Duane died, doing the same thing. All these deaths and sad stories is felt in how they were turned into incredible music.

The band and their extended families

‘Ramblin Man’ may be their biggest hit on the polls.  I would also compare it to Grateful Dead’s ‘Touch of Grey’, popular with the public but not their best by far.  The best song on this vinyl is ‘Jessica’.  The greatest song ever made without any vocals.  I could listen to a 25 minute ‘Jessica’ jam any day of the week.

This 7 song vinyl is a work of art and just a great mix of guitars and Gregg Allman vocals.  Making amazing music out of such sad and sudden deaths.

Berry Oakley’s daughter

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