Adele- 21

Hey folks. It’s me, Bridget. I’m dropping in for the next two albums. Today we’re talking about Adele, 21.

First thought: Mind blown, the names of her albums are her age when they’re produced. That means Adele is making all kinds of waves and she’s 25. Mic drop.


I’m not a professional music critic but I can tell you why I love listening to Adele, especially this album, of before-“Hello” fame. My love actually goes back to 19 and “Chasing Pavements” but the feeling conjured during that ballad and many of the others on 21 is the same, a melancholy longing to find a fix to a broken heart. While Adele touches on a lot of feelings from break ups and relationships, I find her music also fills the voids of heart break caused by everyday tragedies we experience.

When not strumming heart cords, Adele shines in some percussion-heavy, pop-leaning songs, like “Rumour Has It,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” and “He Won’t Go.” All badass, uplifting songs that are reminiscent of her noted influencers the Spice Girls, Alanis Morisette, and Mary J Blige. They’re the upside to the lows that you’ll experience while listening to 21.


That’s one of the other reasons this album is so great though. It sends listeners on an emotional journey with highs and lows. It provides a soundtrack for the yearning of a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and the peak of what the other side feels like.

I’ll continue to return to 21 for its healing powers and ability to provide comfort when things are blue.



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